Abrasion resistant steel pipes and tubes made in Vietnam


Since in the Heavy Industry many pieces of equipment are frequently damaged because of having always been in impact, friction, abrasive condition. Especially, as you know the process is very harsh, any kind of equipment is also headed-on impact with raw materials which have sharp corners, even it has chemical compositions, heat erosion…


However, even the most careful business owners of equipment and machines cannot fight the wear and tear that happens naturally in every usage. The mechanical parts, which are usually made up of metals, will grind into each other in every movement, which causes abrasion. Once the part breaks, the cost of replacing it, as well as the cost of unnecessary downtime, will not be efficient. Putting protective covers in the most exposed parts is a way of reducing damages in the equipment.

Generally, D-Plate: Wear-Resistant Steel Plate (also called Chromium carbide overlay plate - CCO plate or Abrasion Resistant steel plates - AR plate) has been used in standard size (semifinished product). It means if the customer wants to use that they must be customized and fabricated one more step for their needs. We know that, and we modify our manufacturing way. In particular, BCC provides "Wear-Parts" which were customized and created according to technical drawings from the customer". 

Somehow and other, We've always been doing hard thinking about the customer's convenience, always looking for a way how to make the best production efficiency and this can make cost-effectiveness.

Fabricating the Wear-pipe at BCC Manufacturing:

 Bên cạnh ứng dụng rộng rãi trong các vị trí của nhà máy xi măng, ống chịu mòn D-Pipe còn được sử dụng hiệu quả trong các nhà máy nhiệt điện, khai mỏ, tuyển khoáng….



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