Welding & Restoration Project in HaBac Urea Fertilizer plant


 Since its establishment in 03/2010, BCC has already decided to become the expert of abrasion-resistance solutions, repairs & maintenance services. All our solutions are intended to provide high productivity and low maintenance costs, extend the life of machinery, equipment with cost-effective repairs... Especially the harsh environment in heavy industry.

In September, BCC was trusted and carried out some restoration project from HaBac Urea Fertilizer Plant :

-  2 Grinding Tables (Grinding Ring)

-  3 Grinding Rollers (Grinding Tire) 

Be flexible is a special feature of BCM (Automatic Welding System). Despite it's hard to work efficiently in such a confined space but BCC was solved all problems on time with high quality.

Project information:
Industry: Fertilizer

Equipment: Vertical Roller Mills for Coal Grinding

Element: Grinding Tables (Grinding Ring)  - Grinding Rollers (Grinding Tire) 

Welding Product:  Hardcored 101 welding wire. (1.6 - 2.8 mm)




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