Successfully export 8 Automatic Welding Systems (BCM-V2) for Wear-plate Manufacturing


  Since its establishment in 03/2010, BCC has already decided to become the Expert of Abrasion-Resistance Solutions, Repairs & Maintenance Services in the field of Heavy Industries. And BAOCHI ®Co., Ltd (BCC) has spent a lot of time designing, fabricating, and manufacturing our own automatic welding system (which is called BCM). BCM is being applied to the welding and restoration process or to manufacturing wear resistance steel plate (CCO plate). 

And in 5/2018, BCC has successfully exported 8 Automatic Welding Systems (BCM-V2) to Australia's partner, they used that to manufacture wear plates.

With these Machine systems, They would make best use of two welding station with  "4 torches are lit at once" (watch the video below)


Specification BCM V2

Some Images of BCM-V2 for Wear-Plate manufacturing from Design to Implementation.





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