Wear-Resistant Steel Parts from D-Plate


Chi tiết chiu mòn D-Parts Giải pháp tối ưu sử dụng tấm chịu mòn 2 thành phần D-Plate


Since 06/2014, BCC gradually became the Manufacturer & Supplier:

  • Hardfacing Wear-plate (D-Plate
  • Wear-Resistant parts (D-Parts)
  • Welding & Restoration service (D-Services)
  • Automatic Welding System (BCM)
BCC has already decided to become the expert of abrasion-resistance solutions, repairs & maintenance services. All our solutions are intended to provide high productivity and low maintenance costs, extend the life of machinery, equipment with cost-effective repairs... Especially the harsh environment in heavy industry.

Generally, D-Plate: Wear-Resistant Steel Plate (also called Chromium carbide overlay plate - CCO plate or Abrasion Resistant steel plates - AR plate) has been used in standard size (semifinished product). It means if the customer wants to use that they must be customized and fabricated one more step for their needs. We know that, and we modify our manufacturing way. In particular, BCC provides "Wear-Parts" which were customized and created according to technical drawings from the customer". 

Somehow and other, We've always been doing hard thinking about the customer's convenience, always looking for a way how to make the best production efficiency and this can make cost-effectiveness.

No matter what size orders, which special requirements, which special sizes, which special packages. With the wealth of experience in wear-plate manufacturing, We believe that our Wear-resistant steel parts are second to none in terms of durability, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in Vietnam.

It was indeed, After 3 years BCC "put itself in customer's shoes" and the result is we have more and more: 

- We have seeded inside the mind of our customers the value of continually improving. And there is always a way of enhancing that our service.

Chi tiết chiu mòn D-Parts Giải pháp tối ưu sử dụng tấm chịu mòn 2 thành phần D-PlateCác ứng dụng cho máy nghiền đứng

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