Wear resistant plate (D-Plate) for the Vertical Roller Machine (VRM)


The Vertical Roller Mills (VRM) is a type of grinding machine for raw material processing and grinding in the manufacturing process in over the world...

 In Vietnam, VRM has been using in many cement plants and some thermal plants in particular. And it has been equipping more and more cement plants around the world because it brings many benefits on many sides in general.

How does VRM Works?

The history of VRM

(VRM - Working principle)

VRM consists of some rollers and one table which is rotated by electric motor, and all of them work together for grinding raw material. In the very first beginning, raw materials are placed on the table. And the table begins to rotate, due to the action of centrifugal force of the rotation process, raw material automatically moves to surrounding area, enters grinding rollers slide(The gap between the rollers and the table's surface).

(The grinding process)

 Raw materials are crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing. The rollers are driven by the friction between the table & raw materials. Due to such grinding, fine particles pass through the separator as the final product to the silo for the next process.

Even though there is only one working principle but each manufacturer would have different tech solutions for their own aim to optimize the grinding process, energy-efficient.

Why VRM needs to protecting by Wear-resistant plate (D-Plate)

 Since in the heavy industry many pieces of equipment are frequently damaged because of having always been in impact, friction, abrasive condition. Especially, as you know the grinding process of VRM and even other processes are very harsh, any kind of equipment is also headed-on impact with raw materials which have sharp corners, even it has chemical compositions, heat erosion…

However, even the most careful business owners of equipment and machines cannot fight the wear and tear that happens naturally in every usage. The mechanical parts, which are usually made up of metals, will grind into each other in every movement, which causes abrasion. Once the part breaks, the cost of replacing it, as well as the cost of unnecessary downtime, will not be efficient. Putting protective covers in the most exposed parts is a way of reducing damages in the equipment.

That's WHY D-Plate Wear-resistant plate (Chromium Carbide Overlay D-Plate) is one of the best solutions for repairs and extends the life of many types of equipment in VRM by protecting: hard carbide gives protection against wear, this wear being abraded in place of the core steel material of equipment.

  • Outstanding wear-resistant property
  • Economical production cost
  • Impact resistance & Good temperature resistance
  • Good weldability to most structural steel
In the capacity of Wear-Plate(CCO Plate) manufacturer, Repairs & Maintenance service for many Vertical Roller Machine (VRM) in Vietnam. Whether VRM is new or in service, All our solutions are intended to provide high productivity and low maintenance costs, extend the life of machinery, equipment with cost-effective repairs..

We believe that our Wear Plate is second to none in terms of durability and cost-effectiveness in Vietnam

Where are they used Wear-resistant plate (D-Plate)?


How To Make Wear Resistant Plate (D-Plate)

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