ASTM G65 Dry Sand / Rubber Wheel Wear Resistance Test



The ASTM G65 standard established the laboratory method of determining the relative abrasion resistance of various materials.

  • A small sample of the material to be tested is used
  • The sample is pressed against a rubber wheel using a lever arm
  • The lever arm provides a controlled/known force
  • Sand falls onto the wheel at the sample
  • The sand is forced along the surface of the sample by the wheel, causing abrasion
  • The force of the lever arm and length of the test can vary

When performing the test, the environment is tightly controlled, as temperature, humidity, abrasive sand particle geometry, etc. will all have large impacts on test results

Abrasive factor: The sand is introduced between a vertically oriented rubber wheel rotating at a specific speed and the specimen, which is held against the wheel at a specified normal load. Abrasive factors can be changed depending on the particular condition, the environment of the equipment, field industry

* The materials testing can be used are metal, ceramic, plastic, composite or coating....

 Which have been extensively used to measure wear resistance of hardfacing, Wear-plate, CCO plate....  For the best quality, particularly abrasion resistance, both hard and tough, long-life service...All D-Plate , D-Parts (Wear resistance steel plate) are Manufactured From BCC (BaoChi Corp) in Vietnam are made following the strict process of automatic welding systems and then would be tested by a special quality management system, ensuring higher and better quality products: based on ASTM G65 (Abrasive Wear Test)...

D-Plate (Wear-resistance plate, CCO plate) - Typical Application of weld hardfacing

Abrasion test system

Test parameters:

Size of the sample : 25.4 x 76.2 x 3.2-12.7 mm
Abrasive factor: Alumina
Abrasive flow::  30-600 gr/min.
Contact force: 20, 130, 250 N
Diamater wheel:: 718 to 4309 m
Wheel: St37, CK45, GG25, X155

ASTM G65: Standard Test Method for Measuring Abrasion Using the Dry Sand/Rubber
Wheel Apparatus
ASTM B611: Standard Test Method for Abrasive Wear Resistance of Cemented Carbide



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