BAOCHI CO.,LTD (BCC) is a Private Enterprise that was established based on both a strong knowledge of engineering and a wealth of experience from Manufacturers of repairs & maintenance products... 

Since its establishment in 03/2010, BCC has already decided to become the expert of abrasion-resistance solutions, repairs & maintenance services. All our solutions are intended to provide high productivity and low maintenance costs, extend the life of machinery, equipment with cost-effective repairs... Especially the harsh environment in heavy industry.

 Since 06/2014, BCC gradually became the Manufacturer & Supplier:

- Hardfacing Wear-plate (D-Plate) - Wear-parts (D-Parts)

- Welding & Restoration service (D-Services)

- Automatic Welding System (BCM)

We believe that our Wear Plate is second to none in terms of durability and cost-effectiveness in Viet Nam

And after 11/2019, BCC developed a variety of products with "BCC's DNA" and Surfacing Technologies. 

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Vật liệu hàn KOVI – Sản phẩm của Công ty TNHH Bảo Chi (BCC) – là các loại que hàn, dây hàn lõi thuốc và thuốc hàn được nghiên cứu và sản xuât bảo BCC dưới thương hiệu KOVI.
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  • - Que hàn, Dây hàn,thuốc hàn cho các ứng dụng đặc biệt

D-Plate is an Abrasion resistant steel wear plate. D-Plate consists of 2 components. 

- Mild steel base plate and onto which would be welded overlay material - one or two layers of highly abrasive resistant chromium carbide (that is overlaid by using high-quality welding wires with open arc welding)

*Chemical composition of D-Plate’s overlay materials depends on various applications requested by the Customer.

For the best quality, particularly abrasion resistance, both hard and tough, long-life service... D-Plate is made following the strict process of automatic welding systems and then would be tested based on ASTM G65 (Abrasive Wear Test). 

D-Plate has already been using in many areas of industry, such as:

Cement Industry,

Power Industry (Thermal Power Plant, Coal Power Plant)

Steel Industry...

And the Mining Industry...

Welding & Restoration services (D-Services) is developed based on D-Techs welding technology, which has been using in widely heavy industries in Viet Nam: 

- Cement production: (sản xuất xi măng):

- Thermal Power Plant: (nhà máy nhiệt điện):

- Steelmaking (Xưởng Luyện thép):

- Mining Sector (Hầm mỏ khai thác):

With the wealthy experience of more than 10 years in service Welding & Restoration in Vietnam. BCC has been already designing and manufacturing for its own Automatic Welding Systems as well as suitable to Vietnam conditions. And the new one, BCM-V Series is designed base on ECONOMIC and TECHNICAL factors for the best-performance generation of BCM.


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