BCM U Series - the Univesal Applications overlay welding system


There are many types of Welding terminology in the process of “Welding and Restoration” that make us complicated. In reality, each name has a different meaning and purpose.
  • Hardfacing:  Applied to create protection against wear by abrasion, impact, or friction.Surface Cladding: Applied to create protection against corrosion.
  • Build up: Applied to restore, rebuild to a required dimension. 
  • Buttering: Applied to adapt the chemical or physical characteristics of metal for further surface cladding or hardfacing. ….

All of them just have only 2 purposes: The first is repair and then is protect the equipment in long-life service especially in the harsh environment such as Heavy Industries, Chemical environment, and Wherever wear appearance (Wear is defined as a progressive deterioration through loss of material and then leading to the bad performance of equipment.

Planning for wear in maintenance and repair operations is one of the keys to the success of business.. So, today the topic will demonstrate the importance of Hardfacing, used as a preventive or as a remedial measure.

BCM U Series with 04 torches


What is Hardfacing?

Hardfacing is the process to apply a tougher material to a base metal after the repair, rebuild process is done….  to make it more durable or extend its lifespan by welding a wear resistant material that is harder than the base material. 

There are many hardfacing techniques for one by one particular application, depending on the required of the maintenance engineers, the customers … aim to obtain the following benefit:
 Reduced maintenance l Reduced operation costs l Lower repair costs l Extended equipment lifetime


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