Customer's expectations of Wear-Resistant Steel Plate (D-Plate)


Since its establishment, BCC has already decided to become the Expert of Abrasion-Resistance Solutions by Welding, Restoration and Hardfacing technology. BCC has been manufacturing and supplying Chromium Carbide Overlay wear-plate for many cement plants in Vietnam, OEM manufacturers and trading partners for other industries.

Differently from some Wear-Resistant Steel Plate (400HB) which was produced by rolling method from some of the largest steel manufacturers in the world with mass production capacity. And in the market, there are many many such wear-plate producers with lower cost, more flexible... It can be called Carbide Chromium  Overlay Plate: CCO Plate;  Abrasion-resistant plate: AR plate or just Wear-Plate depending on the region. And of course, there are heterogeneous products, the quality of the wear plate almost depends on each manufacturer, each type of their technology and the welding wire they used.

“Published parameter” may not be well performance as we had expected.

As with other consumable materials "I'll get what I pay for", I received the quality that is worth the money have spent. As a matter of fact, there is a contrary perspective between purchasing department and the maintenance department in the Industrial Company about "cost" for solution product, which includes many aspects that go out of view such as abrasion analysis, solution lifecycle, downtime and cost relating to it.

In addition, there is an incorrect understanding of Wear-resistant Steel plates. Many people being convinced that quality of wear-plate based on Hardness( usually is HRC - Rockwell C)
- And as if it's more hardness it's longer the service life?

That's all wrong in theory, and in practice, it surely doesn't work and not enough. Because the main purpose of an Abrasion wear-resistant plate is Abrasion-resistant, NOT ONLY SHOCK RESISTANT or impact resistant. The long-life service of D-plate (abrasion wear-resistant plate) also depends on many other factors such as Corrosion, Heat erosion, Chemical attack, friction..... This is the right answer that Wear-Resistant Steel Plate is the best solution to lengthen the equipment which is works in the harsh environment, heavy-duty in heavy industry because of their Chromium Carbide Overlay, and itself depending on Quality of Welding core and the technology.

D-Plate is made by Hardcored welding core with the wealthy experience of more than 30 years from our partner, Innovative Alloys (Malaysia). And the D-100 Wear-Resistant Steel Plate is manufactured from Hardcored 101Mo which has been developing for over 30 years and successfully applied and solved all kinds of abrasive problems.  All for the purpose to lengthen the life of equipment, optimizing the operation: emergency problems, downtime, maintenance cost... and especially is ensuring the payback period. (The most "Key factor" in production)

D-plate (Wear-resistan steel plate, CCO plate: Chrominum Carbide Overlay plate..)

There is a problem with many manufacturers that have offered prices lower than usual, that is they use low-quality welding core, more than 20% Carbide Chrominum and 3% Carbon it can "hardfacing" the surface (hardness surface). But it won't work as much about abrasion-resistant, and long-life service though, just only have "Nice Parameters"

The key way of making the best Wear-resistant steel plate that  Hardcored welding technology has is maintaining the strip cladding with high Carbon 5.5% and high-quality Ferrochrome in the welding material to produce the best quality of welding overlay. It has been reality proving in many applications that BCC had done for Customers and applications of Innovative Alloys in Australia, Korea, India...

Making wider welding-overlay section, higher productivity

From the aspect of who purchase Abrasion wear-resistant plate or any abrasion-resistant solution, Needless to say, we should focus on the main purpose of this Wear-plate, benefit of it. And that will become the best thing that manufacturers need to gain instead of showing "the best parameter" only.

How BCC makes D-Plate.

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